Friday, March 28, 2008

Jim Cramer's Bummer....

I couldn't resist to post this I am a critic of the TV's so called "financial analyst" and there senseless predictions and analysis about the financial markets .....I believe that no one can precisely predict the market

Mr. Screamer Few Days Before Bear Stearns Collapse ..

and after saving his ass ....a complete idiot ..hahaha

These videos I found on youtube .


Anonymous said...

Your level of understanding is appalling. I was entertained merely by the fact that you cut the clips in a way - I'm guessing - that you thought was "point-counterpoint". In reality, it played like, "point-I have no clue what he's talking about"

Emailers question: Hey Jim, I have money in a Bear Stearns account. Should I take it out?

Jim's answer: Naw good friend, your money is guaranteed.

This is far different from inquiring about owning shares of Bear Stearns... Could you please respond and state that you understand the difference between investing in a bank vs. investing with/at a bank?!? Thanks

Vishal said...

Hi Anonymous,
Thanks for the comment and the explanation !

First of all if I knew all the nitty gritty of investing and financial markets I wouldn't be watching the Cramers's show . Most of the people watching the show are common people who invest in stocks and heavily rely on so called "Experts" opinions, views and confidence in a particular stock . I don't blame Jim to not predict Bears downfall . But i blame him to be so confident about a company which was heading towards disaster .

My point is common people pick up clues from these shows and then invest their hard earn money in stocks. Last time I checked ,basics of investing was to put money in companies that you feel confident about . So after watching Jim's confidence in Bears , one would be tempted to invest or remain invested in its stock (IMO). isnt this the purpose of his show ??

These guys make millions on researching companies days and nights and talking about it on TV ..they literally live in the markets I think Jim can tell you all the names of the companies listed on the exchange. How come these guys cannot even get a hint of whats going on with a firm.

btw ....these videos are embedded from youtube not mine.