Friday, March 14, 2008

Get Set Go For F1 2008 !!!!!!!

Get Set Go For F1 2008 !!!!!!!

With the most exicting F1 season ever last year we are once again ready to get set go for 2008 .Can you believe it felt like a decade to me ...
After extensive winter testing all the teams are ready with there new cars and driver line up and Australia is all set to start 08 F1 calendar tomorrow .

Some highlights and changes for 08 .

  • Fernando Alonso has left McLaren to race for Renault
  • Heikki Kovalainen is now racing for McLaren,
  • the Spyker team is now Force India F1.
  • Traction Control has been banned .So get ready to see more wheel spin or sliding of the cars .
  • Standardized Electronic Control Unit, it will police the cars' electronics to guarantee that they do not use newly banned drivers' aids, such as traction control, engine braking and race-launch equipment.
  • There are two new street-track venues, one in Spain and the other in Singapore featuring the sport's first-ever night race.

The Alonso Hamilton bitter nasty rivilary continues Hope this season we will not see the off track drama that we saw in 07 .

I am sure 08 will be more exciting and intense season and will see some great real racing ahead .

I would be backing off course Force India and Alonso this year !!!!!

Go Force India !!!!!

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Sandip said...

saw practise session last nite... it was amazing to see Vijay Mallya's horses racing on the track :)
And with Kimi, Alonso and likes spinning out of the track without traction control... it's going to get interesting! Mark Webber impressed initially but my bet on hamilton all the way this time!