Tuesday, March 11, 2008

A black day in Indian sports !!

A black day in indian sports

It is astonishing that with a sports like hockey ,when Indian team who were 8 time Olympic gold medalists failed to even qualify for Olympics first time in 78 years and
nobody is concerns and media is relatively quite about it . It is very unfortunate for a country of1.5 billion not to even qualify for a sport that they invented . Country is so blinded with the freaking cricket euphoria that nobody cares . India is true a country of huge divides .One hand players are being flooded by money and on the other hand players and Olympic aspirants not even receive a basic training funding . How disturbing is that ..

Who is to blame to ?

  • Slumpy System
  • Bureaucracy
  • People managing sports authorities and boards .
  • Common People/Spectators
  • Poor Sporting infrastructure

Things we can do improve this condition

  • Promote other sports at school level
  • Media coverage of local sports events
  • Encourage local community sports events
  • one central board for all the sports so that money can be shared between sports
  • Tax those freaking filthy rich cricketers .
  • Add a Tax component in income tax for sports .
  • Professional Marketing for other Sports at district,state and national levels.
  • Extensive Media coverage to different leagues at all the levels .

What you can do at personal level to help

  • Start a campaign to convince the media like the channels to cover more sports
  • Start forums,blogs,social networking about discussions
  • Start a funding campaign for your favorite sports
  • Sponsor a child good in sports for in carrier in sports.
  • .....
  • ........
  • ...........

I just can think of these things .. Do you have any better ideas !!

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