Thursday, March 6, 2008

Open source middleware adoption a "ground up" process

Interesting to see a the new trend in open source adoption where the information is flowing in the reverse direction from the developers to the decision making folks in the management . So for a firm open source adaption developers are indirectly playing a decision making role.

Open source is lending more power in developers hand and rightly so as they are the people who actually build systems . The days of management forcing adoption of a particular product to the developers and project teams are coming to an end . Most of the products were adapted in the enterprise based on decision made by management guys after being impressed by the glossy product presentations from the big firms .

Now most of developers as a part of the community have a sense of ownership to the open source product unlike the closed source product comes in shiny wrapped box . This sense of ownership really helps to take full advantage of the product and adopt the product efficiently in the enterprise .

Craig Muzilla describes this trend as a ground up process for middleware adoption . He gives a good insight of middleware open source adoption in corporations .

Definition of Middleware ( Craig Muzilla, VP of middleware at Red Hat)

Traditionally, it's always been a glue between processes. It's broader than that -- it's about the platforms for developing and hosting and running applications, as well as technology for integrating components of applications and composites of those applications. This is where SOA comes into play as well. It's everything from application servers or servlet engines to host and run your apps, to more glue-like code that helps you publish a service or orchestrate a number services together -- and then process management falls into the middle. It's a little bit amorphous, but it's basically foundational technology to help you create and run an application or combined applications together into process flows.


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