Thursday, February 28, 2008

Yet another way to save money for startups ..-SharePoint Alternative From Google

SharePoint Alternative From Google - Google Sites

Google today launched a MS SharePoint alternative to its google app bundle of
services . You can create intranet , wikis ,teamsite in minutes in google sites . It is well integrated with other google apps product like mail ,documents etc . The best part is the basic version is free and the premier version is pennies as compare to excessively expensive microsoft sharepoint .

It amazing to see that how we can manage a complete IT infrastucture for a small company using google product . I have personal expereince in setting up basic IT infrastructure for some small companies with no notable cost . There are so many services like email , documents hosting , mailing lists , dashboards ,now a CMS etc you can use for free with no cost . They have all the Postini offerings at a very negligible cost .This saves a lot of money and time for us . Best part is that you dont have to be a geek to setup and use all these services .

I would really like to see a workflow management system or service from google in their nexst update or service offering .

It is interesting to see how google is slowly digging to micorsofts enterprise space .Utimately google wants to eat into the huge enterprise software space that MS have enjoyed a monoply for quite some time now .

As long as these services doesn't cost too much I am happpy to use .

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