Monday, February 4, 2008

So Giants are the World (American Version of World) Champions !!!!

So Giants are the World (American Version of World) Champions !!!!

I usually dont follow football much (yeah american football...which is play by hand stupid isnt it )...After last years disappointing superbowl I really didnt planned anything special ..just relaxed on the couch and expected nothing special from the game ....but last nite superbowl i enjoyed was a defensive game and the undogs giants clinched a lastminute victory over the unbeaten patriots . Not that I really care who wins but i always like to support the undogs when india is not playing . Actually I tuned in for watching the new superbowl ads that are aired between the game ..hmmm i will correct myself actually the game is aired between the ads ..I am not exaggerting a penny here .It was literally 3 min of commercials every 2 mins of play .Commercials were good they got be bacoz they pay a huge 2.5 mil for 30 sec ad . I liked the budwiser cheese ad and the US cellular val couple ad ,fedex ,carrierbuilder ads . Another attraction was the celeb performances ..I think most of the people tune in to watch the commercials , live performances and others just because they dont have nothing better things to do. Seriously is you take out the alcohol part of the top fav american sports (baseball , football,nascar)I dont think anybody can watch these sports for long.
The opening performance by keys was good but the halftime show by heartbreakers sucked completely as expected . It was worst than last year prince .

Ok about the game ...see nobody really cares what going on in the game ...its all about the hype and events surrounding the game .I think superbowl is a hypothetical media giant created by coorporate america to make people spend .Not that I am saying there is anything wrong in that ...thats what fuels the economy ...but it has less to do with sports then money .

See again all the discussions about other things .....ok ..giants played a very solid defensive game and their strategy to block the qb tom brady worked perfectly well . I am really not a expert on the game but the quater back is supposed to the captian and he is the one who decides when and to whom to throw the ball for the run he is imp guy and the gaints kept this guy very tight .It was a very simple plan and worked perfect .Eli manning did a great job of getting the ball right in the last minute of the game .It was interesting to watch his brother Pattenmanning watching from the gallery who won the superbowl last year for colts .Mann Manning family must have had a huge party at their home lastnite.

Thats how much I can write about the game :)

Just improving my blogging skills ...any comments from the experts bloggers welcome .

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