Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Yet Another Life saver for Startups and Small Businesses

cloudtools - Google Code

Yet Another Life saver for Startups and Small Businesses .

Infrastructure cost are going down for Startups with open source software and Amazon web services getting popular now you don't have to pay huge amounts for server hosting or getting expensive hardware for your IT environments.

With Amazon's Elastic Computing Cloud (EC2) now you can deploy , test and even host your Java EE apps on Amazon servers . You can run your apps on Tomcat servers with MySQL Database .

Amazon Webservices are still new and have some major barriers (No SLA ,Persistence DB,IP changes )for entry as mentioned in Info Q blog

Tool developement around the amazon ec2 has already started in the community . One of such tools which makes your life easy is EC2Deploy cloudtools - Google Code.

Here you can see how to deploy a JEE app

With Amazons Pay for what you use ...starups can save a lot of money on IT infrastructure .They have many flexible plans to choose from depending on your needs . Details

So the days of servers cramped in a bedroom or office spaces for startups may be with virtual and cloud computing .

I think there will be many more apis and frameworks around EC2 as it gains momentum in the community .


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