Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Where the Heck is the Iphone SDK ???

Where the Heck is the Iphone SDK .

Mr. Apple promised us a Iphone SDK to be released in Feb 08 . So Feb is here and there is no word on the SDK released .I was eagerly waiting to get my hand down and dirty in the SDk and write some app for my Iphone .Its ridiculous that iphone doesnt have a basic to do app on it . It would be great being able to install apps without the jailbreak crack . There was a talk of being able to sell your app thru itunes to general public . Not sure if this will be possible .

Anybody have a update on the iphone SDk release ????


Dr. Tim Martin said...

I don't know where you got the February 8 date but the real date is the "end of February". Apps expected to be offered through iTunes at a price will be video recording (hence the purpose of the 16Gig iphone release), voice dialing, cut/paste, games galore and other high priority wish-list items. BTW, 2/8 has not arrived yet - today is just 2/6.

Anonymous said...

I think the poster meant Feb 2008, not the 8th of Feb. Regardless, it's a little silly to assume something announced for Feb would be out in the first few days of Feb.

Vish said...

Yeah I meant Feb 2008 . Yesterday apple release the 16gig Iphone . I was expecting the sdk news with the same .