Friday, February 8, 2008

Finally the sun came out in Chicago after 8 days ...Can you believe that ?? ...Global warming ??

Chicago has gone eight consecutive days without seeing the sun, breaking the record for consecutive sunless days set in 1894 according to a report .Till now in February Chicagoans have had just 11 minutes of sun. Reminds me of the horrible movie i saw 30 days of night .please dont even think of seeing it .

Are we in a ice age already ..where is global warming mann ...we need some global warming here . Can I make some connection of global warming and such kind of weather . This year its being really crazy ....the temperatures going from 60 to 20 ....from sunshine to rain ....from rain to snow in a single freaking day . This kind of weather makes you feel dull and sick even if you are not .

You dont really want to get out of your house . Generally I really dont care about the weather but people will discuss it so many times that I am forced to think about it and curse it . Every day the hot topic of discussion is weather much snow low

the temp ...the horrible commute ...blah blah

Is it time now to point fingers at global warming . There are so many natural disasters in recent years . Is global warming responsible ? I am not a expert on global warming in fact I dont even fully understand what are the effects of global warming .But logically thinking the earth should be becoming warmer . Then where the heck is this cold coming from .I know Canada is partly responsible of this freaking cold ..may be they should built a wall on canadian border instead of Mexico JK:)

But seriously I think mother nature is getting furious on us and raising her own voice make us aware . Whether it is global warming or anything else I dont know .


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