Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Offline browsing !! ...Dont have a wifi spot in your commute !! ...Just use firefox ..Simple!! .

I always lamented over that during my train commute i cannot access internet thats how much I am addicted to the web . Browsing on the IPHONE sucks big time over edge .

But Yesterday after work I didn't close my Firefox browser instances and on my way back I opened my laptop in the train and was reading a PDF and just happen to tab to the browser . I saw a blog I was reading during lunch and just started reading it . When I went back in the browser I was able to get all the sites that i have visited from the history and all the blogs articles images etc . That was cool . Off course you cant submit anything or get any new pages but can browser whatever you have in your browser history. I used to create a PDF of the blogs and articles I have to read in my commute . Now I just open the stuff that I might read and just "don't close the browser" and bang I have all of them available offline . As simple as that . I know I might not the first one to figure this out ...but still its cool .

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