Thursday, April 3, 2008

Who says the new generation is getting isolated from the real world

Who says the new generation is getting isolated from the real world because for internet .......I believe they may be physically getting isolated but they are no less connected to the world .More Connected to the real world means that they know more of what going around the world and around them . Consider the life in past without internet and email ...people used to stay in touch with letters and phone calls and how often may be once a month may be never with the internet and web 2.0 websites like twitter ,myspace blah blah .coms you are in touch with all of your friends each and every day ...and with twitter like applications you can know what exactly your friend is doing every moment .

Best things that you can discover your very very old friends that you lost track of and you had no idea where they were and what they were doing ...isn't that great ...i have meet friends from my school days whom i never thought will meet again in my life .

Nowadays people are more inform about the whats going on in the world due to internet news feeds rather relying on TV news which is very biased and where britney spears latest screw up is more importantly then ..whats happening in dafur and zimbabwe .More importantly TV news are only one way communication which is very passive wherein on internet news websites are two way communications channels where you can express your views freely about any topics by posting comments for the news ..

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