Thursday, April 3, 2008



The "I" theory Ipod..Iphone..Itouch - Whats different in ipod ? How can a product revive an entire company ? How can a small product become a generation icon and culture .What there in IPod and not in any other MP3 player ...its just a user friendly small music playing gadget .

is it the "I" factor ...concept of personalization of music ?? but the sony walkman did the same
ability to purchase one song instead of a complete album ******
itunes way it the worst music playing piece of crap
Marketing ....I don't think we see as many ads of ipod and they were not ground breaking .Although i liked the ad completely made by fans .
timing of the launch ...during the 2001 bubble burst ..may be people wanted some thing to look forward or positive...but should be same as any other good product launched that time ....are their any

the hardware design of the product itself ??? but except from the wheel i dont see anything ground breaking in the design

and infact all apple design are copied/inspired from Dieter Rams work ..

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the software part ...but its just another music playing with general features ...although the touchscreen is revolutionary ...
Steve job factor.....naa I don't think people where really admired steve before ipod

was it a beginning of a new generation ...the true digital age ....the transition from analog to digital cultures ...
or the brand image of apple that did it ....but apple was in trash before ipod happened

or it is a due to peer to peer marketing phenomenon

is it the secrecy of apple about its products and updates
macworld ??
Macs made Ipod or Ipod made Macs

does apple produces what consumer wants or make consumer wants they produce

I have no idea what made ipod where it is today ...these are just random thoughts that hit me ......what do ya think?

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