Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Are big enterprises exploiting Open source ?

Are big enterprises exploiting Open source ?

With the growing adoption of open source softwares in enterprises how much have enterprises are giving back to open source community .Open source software is a big boon for big enterprises . With its adoption the IT expenditure is coming down considerably . But I rarely hear news like big firms like Bank of America contributed some major upgrade or effort to a open source community . Are the big firms just exploiting open source community and all the efforts put by all the developers . open source communities have proven to be excellent supports systems for all the firms that used these software . I have worked in many firms but apart from the Software and Technology Firms i have never seen management encouraging contributions back to the open source communities .

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Justin Smestad said...

Good post, but overall short. I have a dissenting opinion for the most part. Maybe elaborate in a follow up?