Monday, June 9, 2008

A Heck of a Weekend in Sports

A Heck of a Weekend in Sports

It was a action packed weekend in sports may weekend from the extreme weather we had

Euro 2008
Sweden Vs Austria*
Germany* vs Poland
Porugal* Vs Turkey
Crotia Vs
All my bets came true ..

Next the outrageously hyped triple crown fuss ....I was damn sure that it is not going to happen this time several times hyped fews years now ...

The most exiting was the Formula 1 race .....It was a action packed race with many overtaking stunts .....but most imp was as they say whats goes around comes around and it came true for Kimi ...Last race he rare ended force india car and stopped force india's historic chance to score a 4th place ....this time stupid hamilton dashed his cars to Kimis and boom both of them were out ....ha ha ha curse came true ...

Celtics crushed Lakers in the frist 50 mins and then a sudden and spirited comeback from lakers

just fell short ...from 22 to 2 in 7 mins .

Couldn't as for more !!!!!!

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